Week Seventeen - Temporary Flood Protection in place for Christmas

Week commencing 22nd December 2014.  River front property floodgates are fitted in their raw state to provide temporary protection for the Christmas holiday.  In January they will be removed to be galvanised and clad with a wood finish.  The floodgate for the public footpath (linking the boatyard to Quayside) cannot be fitted due to a problem with the fixing and so, regretfully, the footpath remains closed as a temporary flood barrier has been erected.  The main slipway floodgate is in place and will hopefully be unlocked after Boxing Day, once the concrete has had time to harden.  Waldringfield Harbourmaster, Tony Lyon, has put out a message to extend the time for dinghies to be removed from the beach due to this closure.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

Images courtesy of Donna Morgan. 

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