Week Eighteen - After the Christmas Break


Week commencing 5th January 2015.  The barrier on the footpath is (temporarily) removed and the main floodgate is taken back to the manufacturers for alterations.  The timing is not great...


Tide at 5pm on 10th January

Tide at 5pm on 10th January - tide going out while surge comes in - high water not till 3.15am on 11th





Saturday 10th January 2015:  observation from Ged Morgan:

"We are experiencing some interesting tides at the moment that, with slightly different timings, could cause us serious concern.  But if all goes to forecast we will just about escape. We have experienced an exceptionally low tide this morning, due to a negative surge of approximately 0.8 mtrs.  However, this will start to be reversed from about 12.00 noon and progress towards a positive surge of nearly 2.0 mtrs at approximately 22.00 hrs this evening. This will give a scary perception as the water level will appear exceptionally high for what should be low water. Fortunately, high water is not until 03.15 Sunday morning, by which time the surge will have reduced to approximately 0.7mtrs.  Again, fortunately the normal high water is only 3.8mtrs therefore a total of 4.5mtrs, still very high and needs to be monitored, but should be OK.   This does, however, reinforce the wisdom of our flood defence programme.  If the surge was a bit later, high water a bit earlier, or a full spring tide, we would have a very serious problem. Sadly, the main gate at the Maybush has had to be removed and returned to the manufacturer for alterations.  There are, however, some sand bags stored behind the concrete nib.  In my opinion, it can’t do any harm to place these across the gateway just as a precaution."  [task completed by Mark Barton and Ged Morgan this afternoon]  

Images courtesy of Donna Morgan

  • 5pm on 10th - tide should be mid-way out

    5pm on 10th - tide should be mid-way out