A community flood plan is being produced and will be coming soon to this web page.  It is being produced in partnership with the Environment Agency and will be appended to Waldringfield Village Emergency Plan.



Flood Alert

Flood Alert

What it means:   Flooding is possible.  Be prepared.  

When it is used:  Two hours to two days in advance of flooding.

What to do:   (i) Be prepared to act on your flood plan, (ii) prepare a flood kit of essential items and (iii) monitor local water levels and the flood forecast:

Met Office - five day forecast / latest surge forecast / actual tide heights


Flood Warning

Flood Warning

What it means: Flooding is expected.  Immediate action required.

When it is used: Half an hour to one day in advance of flooding.

What to do: (i) Move family, pets and valuables to a safe place, (ii) turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if safe to do so and (iii) put flood protection equipment in place.


Severe Flood Warning

Severe Flood Warning

What it means: Severe flooding.  Danger to life.

When it is used: When flooding poses a significant threat to life.

What to do: (i) Stay in a safe place with a means of escape, (ii) be ready should you need to evacuate your home    (iii) co-operate with the emergency services and (iv) call 999 if you are in immediate danger.

When warnings are no longer in force, it means that no further flooding is currently expected in your area and river or sea conditions are beginning to return to normal.


Sign-up for flood warnings by clicking the link on the left of this page and follow the steps below to create your own personal flood plan: